It all started in Tulbagh ...  On the 5th June 2010, on top of a gorgeous waterfall, a quite normal stroll to the top of the Tulbagh waterfall ended up being one of the happiest days of our lives. 

We schleped around that morning gathering supplies for the picnic which was to be held at the waterfall, a cunning rouse on the part of my darling boyfriend, as he was then but not for long. He calmly lured me to believing that we were going for a usual hike up a mountain to a gorgeous waterfall. After first going to collect a bottle of Krone Rose Champagne, we headed to an organic cheese farm, called Kimilili, where we tasted some delicious cheese and then counted as many rands and cents as we had available to purchase some. We also found a lovely little restaurant where we persuaded them to let us buy some freshly baked bread. 

Equipped with bread, cheese and wine, we made our way from the parking spot at the bottom of the mountain up to the waterfall. I, unsuspectingly followed my darling boyfriend up the mountain, which would be the last time that I would follow my boyfriend anywhere... 

When we got to the top of the mountain, only about 20 minutes later, I stood admiring the view...when I turned around to see what darling Anthony was up to, there he was on his knee, tears welled in his eyes as he said "Baby girl will you marry me ?" I was totally blown away, the wind knocked out of me and all I could do was fall to the ground and burst in to tears, in dramatic Jacqui style. 

A dream had come true. All was right in the world, all was calm as the birds flew above us and the water trickled over the edge of the cliff, the clouds wispily looking down on us...we sat there for a few hours taking it all in, the smells, the sounds, the taste of the delicious Krone Rose that we had bought earlier that morning, the breathtaking view and both of us holding on to that moment, imprinting it in our minds forever - That awesome moment, of love, joy and absolute happiness...

 Jacqui & Anthony
6th February 2011


You can view more of the Tulbagh photographs and our engagement party photographs at the link below: